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Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline This Tuesday President Obama vetoed a bill that would have permitted construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Supporters of the bill believed it would spur economic growth and job creation. Its opponents claimed it would contribute to global warming. Estimates of the quantity of jobs and carbon emissions produced by the pipeline vary radically. Because of this, the fight over the Keystone XL Pipeline has become largely symbolic. The bill passed the Republican-controlled Congress with some support from Midwestern Democrats. However, it is unlikely that Republicans in Congress will find the two-thirds majority necessary to override Obama’s veto. Republican attention now shifts to including the Keystone Pipeline legislation in a larger bill, making a Presidential veto less likely. Greece and Eurozone Strike Short-Term Deal Finance ministers from the Eurozone have agreed to the reform measures proposed by Greece in exchange for a four-month extension on its bailout. Greece has been considered to be on the verge of economic collapse for the better part of a decade now, suffering greatly from the 2008 worldwide financial crisis. Largely because of this, the left-wing Syriza party was elected, and became the dominant political force in Greece. Previous negotiations came close to a full Greek exit from the Eurozone, as neither party could resolve their differences. In that event Greece would no longer circulate the Euro and instead revert to a national currency. Both Greece and the Eurozone see this short-term deal as a step towards a larger agreement that could prevent a Greek exit, but both sides insist there is more negotiation to be done. It remains to be seen how Greece and the Eurozone will resolve the economic crises.

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