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Poly Royalty

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Poly Royalty

Caitlin Lam

Caitlin Lam

Caitlin Lam


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Since its founding in 1895, Poly has set the standards for sports, academic, and music on a national scale. Built upon a unique history marked by academic achievement and athletic records, Poly has become a kingdom that dominates all other high schools in the nation. Many alumni have gone on to prove that Poly is the best starting point for success. Poly’s reign has lasted for over a century now, and these achievements prove that our empire is not falling any time soon. Add your name to the list of kings, queens, and pharaohs who made the right choice by starting here.


Jackrabbits are well-rounded students: with five small learning communities including Justice (law), BEACH (math and science) , MAPS (medical), PAC RIM (business), METS (media), and two college-prep magnet programs, PACE and CIC, Poly utilizes academies as personalized learning curricula for students to model their courses based on their interests. Academies were designed to imitate a more personal learning environment.


Poly’s six-time, Grammy award- winning music program has trained many artists to carry on the legacy of excellence. One alum in particular, Ikey Owens, started off in our notable music program. He went on to become a famous, two- time Grammy-winning pianist , receiving the first in 2011 with his band, Mars Volta. Owens was awarded a second Grammy in 2015 for his work on Jack White’s most recent album, Lazaretto, but unfortunately, he did not live to receive it, as he passed away last October.


According to the Los Angeles Times’ California School’s Guide, Poly has a perfect score of ten for its diversity. Poly has the most even distribution of minorities amongst its student body out of all other high schools in the district. The school consists of 32.2% Latino, 30% Asian, 10.6% Caucasian, and 25.4% black students. Royal Jackrabbits stem from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, keeping the kingdom varied.


Did you know that Poly had its own flavor of Powerade? “The Flavor of Champions” was created for Poly in 2011 in honor of being crowned as #1 on ESPN’s “Fab 50” list, recognizing the most talented high school athletics. It’s not surprising since Poly has sent more football players to the NFL than any other high school over the last century.

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