New Bunnies to the Bunch

The Poly family has added 21 new faculty members this school year. Here is what they have to say about their new home.

“I graduated from Poly, and I want to give back to the program that made me who I am.” Thanh Van, AP Physics

“[I will help] students pass their classes by providing them with good teaching everyday and keeping the students busy.”
Steven Goodman, Special Education

“[A] safe haven where everyone feels comfortable and just express themselves for who they are and make it feel like a family in which no one is going to be judged.”

“I hope to teach my students this year lifelong skills that they can take with them in the future.” Kristina Pfohl, Algebra

“The great majority of the students are very open to learning. I am very excited to see what Poly has in store for me.”
Anne Stuyvesant, Geometry

“[I’m] looking forward to working with highly motivated students and helping them pass the AP exam in May, and will help support them and help them feel confident and ready to take the test.” Stacey Hess, AP Language

“I plan to have students become active learners by having them research and relate their understanding of in-class materials to their community and current events. I must show students that I value what they do outside of the classroom so that they can value what I do inside the classroom.” Vincent Puth, History

“I would like to help my senior English students improve their writing, take the High Life to an even higher level, and contribute to a member of the school community.” Daryl Holmlund, English/Journalism

“I’m really glad to be back here at Poly. Students here and in the district seem a little more aware of what is going on in the outside world.” James Cooperider, English

“I love Poly. My son is a Poly grad; my daughter is a junior. It’s almost like I am coming home when I teach here.” Steve Perrin, Algebra

“I want to start a full-on robotics program and get involved in as many engineering projects as possible.” Scott Gaynor, Engineering

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Photos courtesy of Sanford Studios.

Photos for Thanh (Aaron) Van and Andrea Wright were unavailable.