News Brief


Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker

Representative Paul Ryan has been elected house speaker for the Republican party, succeeding John Boehner, who announced his retirement from Speakership and Congress last week. Boehner’s final duty as Speaker involved a negotiation with President Barack Obama on a piece of legislation that would prevent or decrease the likelihood of a government shutdown. As such, this allows for the Republican party to look forward and “begin the process of healing,” said Ryan’s aide. On Thursday, October 29th, Nancy Pelosi passed on the gavel to Paul Ryan to symbolize the beginning of the Paul era and the end of the Boehner era.

China Ends One-Child Policy

On October 29th, the Communist party released a statement announcing their plans to end the one-child policy, which has been in effect since 1979. This controversial policy was enacted in order to control population growth rates. Statistics show that the world average for children and young people ranging between 0-24 drastically dropped at a constant rate when China enacted this policy. However, while the Communist party may have “ended” the one-child policy, there is still a limit for couples. Couples will now be allowed to have two children, which at first still sounds restricting, but to put in perspective, will potentially double the population for young people. The motive behind removing the one-child policy is to strike a balance between the amount of elderly people and younger people to prevent the population crisis currently happening in Japan.

Long Beach Streetlights Switch to LED

Long Beach officials announced an LED streetlight program, a major project with the intention of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 7,297 tons, saving $1 million in energy and labor annually. Under a hefty $650,000 grant from the Port of Long Beach Community Mitigation, Long Beach plans to replace nearly 2,000 street lights within an ambitious two month period. Each year, Long Beach can reduce energy consumption by up to ten percent. LED lights are more efficient than the current high-pressure sodium lights commonly used as street lights. During their lifespan, the lights are expected to last 24 years with 12 hours of use every day.