News Brief


Paris Terrorist Attacks Killed Over 100

On Friday night, November 13, there were devastating shootings and explosions in 4 different locations of Paris. At least 129 people have died, and over 350 people are injured.
Most of the fatalities occurred at the Bataclan Concert Hall, which is within the vicinity of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, nearly one year ago. According to many reports and witnesses, masked men opened fire at the concert while a band was playing, and shot in multiple directions at the venue. Over 100 people were held hostage before the police ended the hostage situation. The other three locations include Stade de France, Rue Bichat, and Rue de Charonne.
Explosions occurred outside the Stade de France stadium, which was hosting a soccer game between France and Germany. One of the assailants was stopped by a security guard beforehand and did not make it inside the stadium, preventing dozens of murders. At the other two locations, assailants opened fire at public restaurants and coffee shops. 7 attackers are confirmed dead, 6 of which were wearing the explosive suicide vests. ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, but it has not been verified as everything in their statement repeated everything that has been in the news already.


CSULB Student Fatally Injured in Paris

Nohemi Gonzalez, student from Cal State Long Beach, was killed in the Paris shooting on Friday night, November 13. She was with two other Cal State students at the time at Le Petit Cambodge restaurant. They managed to escape the crisis but saw her get shot and carried away by stretcher. She was studying abroad in France at Strate School of Design for a semester, as she was an an aspiring design major. A vigil was held on the following Sunday mourning her death. Her boyfriend, Tim Mraz, recollected the first time they met 2 years ago–as teacher assistants in the design lab. Her mother lamented, “I feel lost, sadness, and … it was my only daughter.” This shooting has devastated the Long Beach community, and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia assures that her death will be remembered as we grieve this loss. Nohemi Gonzalez is currently the only confirmed American that has lost a life in this shooting.