News Brief


CSULB Graduation Rates Improved

More funding to CSULB allowed for professors to research habits and patterns to determine the reason for failing first-year freshmen students. Graduation rates in 2004 were floating around 46% and spiked to 65% by 2014. Professors found that using the “flipped classroom” approach would yield higher information retention and result in a higher academic grade. Through the flipped classroom method, professors assign the bulk of the learning outside of the classroom―for example, students watch informational videos or lectures at the leisure of their home while hands-on lab exercises or simulations are done in class. Previously, students struggled to sit through lengthy lectures and taking notes―now, students do the bulk of the learning independently.

Eight in Custody Amid New Year’s Eve Assaults

Around New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, there was a massive influx of alleged sexual assaults and robberies, adding up to over 581 criminal reports. Victims describe the perpetrators as Arab or North African men; however, suspects were not caught until nearly three weeks later. The immigration status of the men in custody remains unknown, but at least one of the men was accused of groping and robbery. Other European cities are experiencing similar assaults, though the Cologne assaults caught the most international attention. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called them “disgusting” and wanted those responsible to be punished as soon as possible.