Jackrabbit News Brief


France Mandates Food for Charity

France has become the first country in the world to enforce a law banning supermarkets from throwing away unsold food, which, under the new law, must be donated to charities or food banks. This legislation started on Wednesday, February 3, with the idea gaining popularity through a French grassroots campaign that stressed the importance of food waste. Inspired by this new law, other campaigners seek to get the European Union to emulate a similar piece of legislation regarding food waste. Due to legal and health concerns by some supermarkets in France, unsold food will be ‘doused’ with bleach or water in order to avoid food poisoning from those who took items from the trash. Supermarkets that have at least 400 square meters will need to sign contracts with charities to donate food. Those who do not comply with this legislation will face a fine of up to 75,000 euros, or 83,000 dollars, and imprisonment of up to two years.

More Candidates Drop in Race

As the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries have come to a close, several candidates running for president have dropped out such as Rick Santorum (R), Mike Huckabee (R), Rand Paul (R), Carly Fiorina (R), Chris Christie (R), and Martin O’Malley (D). Ted Cruz took the lead in the Iowa Caucus, receiving 27.6% of the votes, with Donald Trump trailing behind at 24.3% and Marco Rubio coming in at 23.1%. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton received 49.9% of the votes with Bernie Sanders closely following at 49.6%. As O’Malley dropped out of the race, the Democratic debate on Thursday, February 4, only included Clinton and Sanders. The candidate fields for both parties have become increasingly competitive after wins by Trump and Sanders in New Hampshire. Candidates will now turn their attention to Nevada and future primaries.

New Hampshire Primaries

On Tuesday, February 9, there was a large upset among both political parties, as businessman Donald Trump won the primary for the Republican Party with a whopping 19.5% lead over Governor John Kasich – a startling surprise between both party lines. Kasich had not been widely known until the New Hampshire primary. Though he received very little media attention, Kasich still managed to beat out Senator Ted Cruz, who managed to pull an 11.7% vote. On the Democratic side, Senator Bernie Sanders received 60.4% of the votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 38.0%. The theme of this primary revolved around anti-establishment candidates because both Trump and Sanders appeal to a similar demographic.