Jackrabbit News Brief


UK Staying in the EU?

The United Kingdom is scheduled to have a public vote for citizens over the age of 18 to decide whether or not the UK will stay in the European Union. Historically, the UK joined the EU in 1973 and has been a somewhat active member, though they have not conformed to Europe’s currency, the Euro. Prime Minister David Cameron, a conservative leader, calls for a renegotiation of membership with the EU―specifically for restrictions on EU migrants and benefits. Being a member in the EU allows citizens in the UK to travel across countries without trouble, which allows for a wider variety of job opportunities. Some leaders such as President Barack Obama are in favor of the UK staying in the EU, as well as a majority of the European citizens. However, those in favor of leaving the EU believe that the cost of maintaining membership is not worth the amount of effort that the UK has put into the EU―they believe it is most logical to simply terminate membership. The British Pound has been dropping in value in midst of this British exit, or “Brexit”, as some call it in the UK.

Nevada and South Carolina Primaries

On Saturday February 20, Nevada and South Carolina held their respective caucus and primaries for the Democratic and Republican party. Secretary Hillary Clinton (D) won Nevada with 52.6% of the vote, winning 19 delegates and Senator Bernie Sanders trailing behind with 47.3% of the vote, winning 15 delegates.. Though this is an upset for Sanders, as this was a much needed win, there just was not enough young voter turnout. At South Carolina, businessman Donald Trump crushed the primaries yet again winning 32.5% of the vote, winning all of the 50 delegates. Senator Marco Rubio won the second most amount of votes, coming in at 22.5% of the votes and Ted Cruz closing off the higher percentage of the votes with 22.3%. Following this, the Republicans and Democrats will swap places and hold the Republican caucus in Nevada, and the Democratic primaries in South Carolina.