Jackrabbit News Brief


Missiles Fired on Sea of Japan

On Friday March 4, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has ordered his military to ready nuclear missiles. This action followed the United Nation’s decision to impose harsh economic sanctions on North Korea, which were intended to weaken North Korea’s nuclear program―the strictest policies on the country in 20 years. Some of the policies include crippling parts of North Korea’s income that would benefit nuclear developments. Just hours after this UN vote, North Korea launched short-range missiles over the Sea of Japan. As of this writing, the threat is being assessed by South Korea, as they are determining what kind of projectile was launched over the Sea of Japan. China had been the only known ally to North Korea, but the news revealed that China and the United States had been working together on this sanction for the past seven weeks. Additionally, China has stated its opposition of North Korea’s nuclear weapon developments in previous conferences.