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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day


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Indie Films

Indie films are not only better, but also cheaper. The Los Angeles Art Theatre charges about eight bucks a head, and seriously guys, you wouldn’t be paying 40 dollars at the movies if you didn’t see it in 3D and brought your own snacks. It’s not like they actually check bags. Besides, movies are the perfect first date– you get to spend time with your crush, without ever having to talk to them!

Price Range: $16-$25 (if you do it right)

Go on a picnic

All you have to know is what kind of food your partner likes and to bring music, blankets, and pizza on a nice day outdoors to make a great date. It can be romantic or easily bromantic if you’re single and just want to spend time with your friends. Best of all, you only buy the food.

Price Range= $5- $10

Antique Shopping

No lie, there are approximately three antique stores on every block out here, and it’s amazing. You and your date can glance around the store and buy each other one gift that you think the other would like, it’s great bonding, you get to see how much you really know each other, and who doesn’t love gifts?

Price range: $7- $15 each

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