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Sakeena Siddiq


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On herself:
“I’m Sakeena. My name means tranquility in Arabic. I like photography and traveling. That’s basically me really.”
On discrimination:
“Well I’ve been pretty fortunate because we’re in California so there aren’t very many people who are overtly discriminatory. I’ve heard snide side comments, but not anything towards me, personally, which has made me want to be more of a positive presence. I don’t want people to even have to think about making comments like that. I want people to know true Islam and that’s why I made the presentation.”
On her presentation for World Hijab Day:
“I talked about the concept of hijab which basically just translates to modesty, and how it applies to both men and women, not just women. Women do show it more, we cover our hair. But hijab doesn’t just apply to appearance, it’s also about the way you talk and the way you act. I also pointed out that Islam’s not the only religion that encourages modesty. Nuns in Christianity, [and] some orthodox Jewish women also cover their hair. So basically, it’s just about feeling closer to God. For me, it’s about being comfortable in my religious identity.”
On ignorance:
“Don’t be afraid to ask [about Islam]. We don’t bite. I love to answer questions. I would love to clear up any misconceptions that anyone has. If you are ever confused, don’t hesitate to ask.”

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