Polytechnic Events

What you may have missed recently-


Wednesday, March 1 – Zero Discrimination Day

Friday, March 3 – World Wildlife Day

Wednesday, March 8 – International Women’s Day

The City of Long Beach hosted a tree planting at Hamilton Middle School on February 25. A grant from the Port of Long Beach was given to the city in order to help plant 6000 trees by the year 2020. The 3000th tree was planted during this event.
People of all ages showed up to the event ready to get their hands dirty. Teens from all Long Beach high schools teamed up to help beautify the community. After they finished planting, everyone was offered fresh fruit, bottled water, and free reusable water bottles. The event was expected to last until noon, but with such a turnout all the trees were planted in under three hours.

Ethan See (left) and Heinglee Va (right) planting trees outside Hamilton Middle School.

A tree planting is planned every six weeks and has been for the past few years. English teacher Dr. Amy Stu

ht, who has been attending for the last three years, encourages students to attend. “I first went three years ago, on Pearl Harbor Day. Ever since, I’ve taken students five times a year… Kids who I don’t even have anymore still go and talk about it.”
She offers all her students extra credit for attending a tree planting event. Sophomore Leeann Avendano stated, “I feel like I make a difference when I’m planting trees.”
While some go to better the environment, others go to benefit their grade, as Ivan Alvarez said, “I went for the extra credit,” and why not?
Students are also advised to participate in the Alamitos Beach Clean Up held every fourth Saturday of the month from 10 A.M. 11 A.M. at Alamitos Beach.
There is also another tree planting at 9 A.M. on Saturday, March 18, at the 7th Street church.

What’s Happening In the Future

Sunday, March 12 – Beginning of Daylight Saving

Tuesday, March 14 – Pi Day

Friday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

On February 23, Scott Gaynor’s Intro to Digital Circuits & Robotics class took a field trip to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. JPL is a research facility that does robotic space and Earth science missions, so the tour included many models of robots and spacecrafts that are currently in space.

“It’s really cool knowing that this stuff went to space,” said freshman Daniel Castaneda. The visit also included a full tour of the laboratories and a multimedia presentation on JPL.

Freshman Michael Dawson expressed his appreciation for the presentation, stating, “It was really helpful in trying to see what career path you want to go down,” as this trip was geared toward students considering a career in engineering.
A highlight of the trip was the “clean room,” an ultra-clean laboratory where robots are built. This room is so clean that “even one ten-thousandth of a particle of sand is more than they allow,” said Gaynor.
Students like Jannine Ek also enjoyed this room, saying it was interesting “to know how they made the robots.” Poly students enjoyed the visit and learned about JPL and it’s workings.