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Calling All Engineers


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The robotics competition is a club that meets in room 809, Mrs. Echerri’s class. The students meet every Friday during lunch.

There is no need for experience. However, the club does involve different committees, so there are many aspects to work on. The club welcomes all grade levels and all academies.

Although the competition is not until March, there is a six and a half week pre-season that leads up to the games.

The robots vary from 80-120 pounds typically and can range anywhere from three feet to six feet depending on the game rules.

Senior Thena Guttieri is currently the president of the robotics club, and she explained that she is looking to pass her leadership role for the next season after she graduates.

Senior Sovannrat Hul said, “It’s a great opportunity, and you get to learn how to work in teams.”

According to Mrs. Echerri, being a part of robotics club is also a great opportunity for students who are striving to become engineers.

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