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College Ready?


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One of Poly’s specialties, besides sports, is academics and preparing students for the future. The College and Career Center is in room 801, and all students are welcome any day of the week.

Career Center Supervisor Sylvia Womack is there to help students in all areas from looking for jobs and internships to winning scholarships. College advisor Chidi Agu at the center is available to answer any questions regarding the college-application process.

If students cannot go to the center during school hours, they have the opportunity to visit Poly’s school loop website for more information on upcoming open houses, internships, and college visits.

Agu stated a positive of the College and Career Center.

“The biggest advantage of the center  is having assistance figuring out which way to go after high school because there is so many ways you can go,” Agu said.

Since it’s the season for seniors to start planning their futures, the center is offering information on helpful programs like the Leadership Academy Mentoring Program (LAMP), the college and career exploration night at the CSULB pyramid on November 1, the college fair taking place in Lakewood, and important test dates.

College advisor Khtija Kat explained what the purpose of the center is.

“Our main goal is to help all of our students whether you are a freshman or a senior getting ready to graduate,” Kat said. “It’s to help you graduate and have a bright future, so that way you don’t graduate and not know what is going to happen.”

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