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Watch Ya D*mn Profamity


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When people hear the way I speak, they often ask “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” The answer is yes the hell I do. And yes I know foul language is not good to use, but let’s be honest to ourselves, cursing has a huge part in modern day society. Remember those times in elementary school when someone would yell out “Stupid!” and we would all open our mouths and say “Oooo”. Well we’re not in those times anymore. You are lying to yourself if you say “I don’t cuss”. We all have our moments, although some more than others, but shit happens. I did not start cursing until I was in the fifth grade and I can not say I’m proud of that, but it had to happen. Why can’t I cuss without teachers looking at me like I have some sort of god damn mental problem? Get over it! Your kids probably talking like that too, so just chill and do not come to me with all that crap that “My son doesn’t speak like that because he knows what is gonna happen if he does”. Obviously he ain’t gonna talk like that infront of you if you over here with a chancla in your hand. Let me be how I want to be, it’s my way of talking. Believe me, I have tried changing it, but I can’t. So please leave me alone because I am sure that I am old enough to know my limits. Just because I cuss in front of my friends doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it to an adult. I promise to try to watch my profanity a little more.

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