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Know Your Rights!


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What is up Poly? Halloween is twenty-six days away and the burglars – I mean dirty zebras – I mean referees – are already up to no good. And don’t even say it; “But John, a lot of those penalties on Poly actually are their fault.” As a true fan with my class of 2018 rose tinted glasses, I see two things; referees making bad calls and referees missing good calls. But fear not jackrabbit lovers, for I have a solution to our pandas with whistles problem -I mean referees. Man I got to work on that. Being a football fanatic, and also a scholar in my Government class, I have been doing some reading. Article 2 section 4 of the referee’s handbook states clearly that “You, the fan, have the right to question any and everything the officials call during the football game.” I know what you’re thinking; “John, why are you telling me this?” Great question, random person reading this! I’m telling you this so you know that at every game, you can yell as loud as you want. Like really make some noise. Anything that makes sound is appreciated. The referees actually like it. It makes them seem important. Clapping and stomping, rain dances, smoke signals, organized chants, almost anything works. Don’t worry, the law is on your side. So the next time one of those monochrome bumble bees – I mean referees – throws his dirty laundry on the field, let them know how you really feel.

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