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Getting to Know the Poly Campus


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New school year, new lost freshman, new staff members and I am stuck in one of the largest high schools in the district without knowing the locations of all my classes. Poly is a sizeable campus with 5 additional parking lots and over 4,400 students. Above is a picture of a map of the Poly campus. The map sits on the side of the big gym facing the Jackrabbit Lane entrance. With Poly being such a large school, a map of the campus is great for new students, or at least it would be if it were accurate. Since the campus is so large and confusing and the only map available isn’t even an accurate map, allow me to help by telling you where everything is. First, all the even room numbers are located on the second floor of all buildings, leaving the odd room numbers on the bottom floors with the science building being the exception to this unusual pattern. Every building except the 200’s, 400’s, 550’s, 800’s, and 900’s, have student restrooms, and the boys restrooms seem to follow a pattern of constant closure and reopening. The 100 building holds all the offices except for the attendance office, which is located in the main entrance off of Jackrabbit Lane. The 250 science building juts away from the “clockwork design” and is found further East than the 150. The science building also shares its area with the south gym, better known as the small gym and staff parking. I might also wonder why an English class in placed in the science building, but all I can say is the world may never know. Even though the point of having a Science building is to be able to access the science department and its resources not copies of Mythology by Edith Hamilton. The upper south corner of the 300 follows where building becomes to a dead end, and out of my own experience I warn you to not go past the clear doors because you will get locked out. Then the 500 building follows with the 600 on its end at which point we face West looking away from the 100. The library is located at the front of the 600 building which. The 700 sits with the 800 building behind the 600, closer to Jackrabbit Lane. The student store is pretty obvious since it’s always overpopulated with loud, obnoxious children. The three locations of the vending machines include the language building, behind and around the library, and the blacktop but your best bet is to use the vending machine closest to the language building which has a history of providing two for one. Next,the P bungalows are located in the very end corner next to the tennis courts. The Tony Gwynn baseball field may seem like it’s hiding, once you reach the 900 bungalows you have a full view of the field. The JROTC shooting range is under the bleachers. Yes, we have a nurse office located to the left of the pool. Don’t forget that being lost is normal, until you walk into the wrong classroom and all 35 pairs of eyes look in your direction. Also, good luck trying to find the entrance of the hidden locker rooms, especially the girls’ one.

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