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Strange Clock-Work


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New school year, new everything. They say change is good, but that does not apply to everything people! So far this school year has started off on okay terms, as for the weather, not so much. Actually no, nothing has been as good as I thought it would be this year. Particularly this whole new bell schedule. It’s been driving so many students crazy, myself included. I know most people don’t like to be rushed, but this whole seven minutes we’re getting compared to the ten minutes we had last year is a joke. The average person’s attention span is at most forty-seven minutes. Yup, that’s the most. These ninety minute classes are too much for my worn-out soul to bear. Just writing this article took me around an hour because I can’t even dedicate fifteen minutes without going off task. So many students can relate to this whole struggle to keep track on what is going on in class. Unscheduled periods are the best, apart from the fact that I have to wait in line and not being let in right away or being let out on time. What is up with the whole line things? I just think it is very unnecessary because I would just like to walk to school and not have to wait for a line and loose the little time I have to do what I have to do during nutrition. Unscheduled eighth is as much a mess as first and second unscheduled periods, because students have to wait in a line to get out. Why? I don’t really know why; I mean if we’re already in the school why do our IDs and schedules need to be checked for us to get out? With this is also the issue that the gate on 15th Street isn’t open, only the gate on Jackrabbit Lane is. How much does it hurt to open both gates? This causes a lot of us some more extra stress. Like, can’t people see that I can barely come to school without having an anxiety attack and when it’s time to leave I want to leave ASAP?

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