Hidden Talent at Poly

Jacqueline Garcia is one of Poly’s few signed models. She started modeling at a young age and has stuck with it ever since.

Garcia got her start by “being in beauty pageants because of the glamour part of it.” She said it really helped her confidence grow and allowed her to get away from being shy. Garcia got her break as a model when she was fifteen.

She entered and won a beauty pageant called Miss Covergirl and won “scholarship money as well as the cover of a magazine sponsored by Disney,” said Garcia. Thereafter, she had photographers and agencies lining up at her door step.

Garcia’s love for modeling still remains strong to this day. “I love the creative side of it, especially now that I’ve gotten more comfortable to express my ideas to make shoots fit my personal style.”

With the help of her modeling, Garcia has decided she wants to pursue a degree in marketing one day. “Modeling has helped me make connections through the industry and make any friendships with awesome people who all have interesting and vibrant personalities.”

Garcia claims that modeling is not as easy as it appears to be. “You have to be very aware of every part of you as well as your environment. It also depends on the people that you get to work with, luckily I have never had a negative  experience with photographers or designers but I have heard my fair share of horror stories.”

Garcia has effortlessly managed to balance her social life and her work life. She is excited to see what is in store for her future and is grateful for all the support she has had in pursuing modeling.