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Downsides to the Time Change


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Being a sixteen year old girl, it is hard for me to go out at night and stay out past dark. During the summer, there is still light outside around 8 p.m. This whole time change does have major flaws and some advantages, although the advantages are more for some of us lazy peeps. Many of us, I know, struggle with getting out of bed in the morning. It’s harder to wake up when the mornings now seem so gloomy, and I wake up to a really depressing night sky after my evening nap. Apart from the one hour taken away from my glorious sleep schedule, I have less time to finish my daily chores.

For the majority of people, our schedules consist of waking up early going to school and after school attending various activities that depend on the sun’s rays of light. By the time that we get out of school, the sun seems to shine as if it were five in the afternoon in the summer. By the time you get home, there are chores that need to be done, other activities to accomplish and places to go. Some high school students do not drive yet, so we have to take other sorts of transportation and this makes it dangerous because you never know what you may encounter on this small “adventure.”

Long Beach isn’t the safest city, including this area in which Poly lives. Nowadays even going to a store on the corner is dangerous. This issue of violence changes many things and affects us all in many aspects. Parents now are not letting their children go out and honestly, I agree with this matter. When a parent tells you, “Don’t go out after 7,” or even, “ I want you home by 6,” it doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to be going out with friends or they don’t want you to be enjoying your life, but they are trying to prevent things that may happen.

At the end, yes we may not be able to change the time back, all we can do is wait. All there is left to say is be careful because we all know that we live in a pretty messed up world and no one knows what awaits for us outside our door.

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