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What in the World?!?

‘What in the World?!?’ is Poly’s very own, biweekly world news column.


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Monday, November 20

An Argentine submarine with a crew of 44 members went missing, and a satellite call raised hope only for officials to realize it was a false alarm.

Tuesday, November 21

Thirty-two people were killed in an Iraqi town by a suicide bomber, which was confirmed by both the central government in Baghdad and Kurdish regional authorities.

Wednesday, November 22

A Filipino Catholic Priest was accused of molesting two boys from North Dakota in the 1990s. Chief State Counsel Ricardo Paras explained that the priest was arrested and flown to the United States because of his alleged sexual advances, which will soon appear in the North Dakota court.

Thursday, November 23

Three sailors went missing on Wednesday from a US Navy aircraft crash, and American and Japanese officials are searching the Philippine Sea.

Saturday, November 25

French President Emmanuel Macron began an initiative to tackle violent rhetoric against women in France and end the stigma around the harassment of these women.

Sunday, November 26

1.9 million doses of vaccines were delivered to Yemen by the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Tuesday, November 28

Peace talks were supposed to take place with a meeting involving Syria and the UN in Geneva but Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s delegation was absent.

*Information was obtained from the World Digest section in the Washington Post*

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