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Protect Planned Parenthood


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I’ll get right to it, I support Planned Parenthood. Before I start laying down the logistics, here’s a fun fact: Planned Parenthood isn’t just abortions! Now you’re probably wondering, “Then what is it?”

It’s actually a nonprofit organization that supplies reproductive and related health services to men, women, and young adults while also providing important sex education. Yes, these health services do include abortion and I’m all for it. No, I’m not a murderer nor am I a supporter of murder.

“But that’s what abortion is!!!” The reality is that the majority of abortions are performed during the first trimester of a pregnancy, when the embryo hasn’t fully developed. Even at five weeks the embryo is barely the size of a single grain of rice, not a clump or bowl of rice, a single grain. What gets iffy are the abortions that happen once the embryo is identified as a fetus. This development happens two months after conception but these procedures during this time period are usually emergencies.

Women don’t go to Planned Parenthood for fun. No one wakes up and thinks, “I haven’t gotten an abortion in a while, I’ll go today.” It’s not Target. Those who choose to have one can be financially unstable, unwilling to be a single mother, or there’s a high chance of birth defects. Whatever the reason, they don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Why not just give up the baby for adoption? Here’s the truth about adoption: in 2015 there were around 397,122 children in the U.S. that were circulating around the foster care system and didn’t have permanent homes or families, and the numbers have gone up since then. By not allowing women to get an abortion, you’re forcing her to be pregnant and deliver just to raise the number of unadopted children every year.

We all know now that I’m pro-choice, in support of abortions, but do you know who isn’t? The Trump Administration. In October 2017, they proposed a new rule to eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for all insurance plans to cover the cost of birth control without a co-pay and take away federal funds to Planned Parenthood.

This makes getting abortions a lot more expensive and a lot less accessible. Women desperate enough will take extreme measures to perform their own unhygienic abortions that could lead to infections and sickness that could have been easily prevented.

Not only will abortion services be scarce, but so will the several other reproductive services Planned Parenthood offers. They offer multiple forms of birth control, such as pills, IUD, or NuvaRing, to accommodate everyone’s preference. They also have STD and pregnancy testing, and men’s and women’s health services in addressing cancer, fertility, sexual dysfunction, pelvic exams, and routine checkups.

You want to defund Planned Parenthood because you’re against abortions? Here’s a thing to try: don’t get one. Don’t take away someone else’s choice to get or not get one. Nor should you try to up the prices of the numerous and important services that Planned Parenthood has to offer people.

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