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What High Schoolers Are Really Wearing


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Often, the clothing that a typical high schooler chooses to wear is a broader statement of their personality. Being able to personify oneself nonverbally is ideal for the antisocial community of teenagers that overwhelms a school campus. Thrifting has always been an extremely popular way to obtain fashionable clothing for Long Beach Poly kids. Being a student here myself, I can certainly say that about 70% of my closet is thrifted, consignment, or handed down to me. But whether the clothes were $2 or $200, what matters is the person wearing it. Are they comfortable? Do they approve of themselves? Do they care what other people think? Are they dressing that way for someone other than themselves?

The featured kids above are a few members of the eclectic group of students at Poly high school. On the far left is senior, Clara Donovan, wearing a thrifted floor length floral dress with a black cardigan to cover up from the cold breeze that mocks the 80 degree winter weather we are having.  “Yeah! I look good today!” she exclaimed when I told her she’d be in the newspaper for a fashion article. Clara epitomizes the eclectic, unique teenager that Poly is known for.

In the center photo, is Scott Volland, a PACE visionary, known for his classic and preppy style he skillfully exhibits everyday. Volland’s Fit of the Day contains a light knit sweater over a button up, collared shirt and beige corduroy pants concluded with some slip on shoes and a modish scarf.

And finally, on the far right is the girls water polo player, Darby Huff who excitedly said, “Oh! Cool! It’ll be in the newspaper” in regards to my photographing her outfit. Huff is truly a woman of the water, and it’s shown in her notorious Hawaiian shirt, “finest pair of mom jeans you have ever seen,” and faded vans. Huff stated that she actually “got my shirt  in Greece during my month long club water polo trip. I was at a bar with my teammates and there was a band playing and some girl took her shirt off and threw it but it didn’t make it to the stage–only into my hands! I tried to give it back, but I couldn’t find her, so I just kept it!”

Overall, these kiddos have a keen eye for fashion and know exactly how to style themselves.  In this modern age for recklessness through style, these are a few of the  special ones.

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