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Bathroom Artists


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Restrooms seem to be the hot spot for vandalism, but the graffiti in some bathrooms are positive. What was known as the Sad Girls Club came to an end when the P buildings were disoccupied. The bathroom located near the bungalows had walls and doors that contained questions, conversations, thoughts, and support for young ladies in all the colors and handwritings. Love, hate, sad, emotional, and happy poems were written in the walls. Rude comments were often written but others were quick to write the bright side of such words. “You are strong, worth it, beautiful, pretty,” were in bold letters, standing out from all the other comments. The Sad Girls Club was a supportive place in the ladies’ restroom where girls share their deep experiences and real stories, it was a way of expression and communication.

But like any other restroom, their walls are more than just a notepad or a juicy confesion board for highschool students, these conversations don’t belong in a classroom environment therefore sharing a comment privately and completely anonymous lifts the weight of pain off someone’s chest and it truly shows that girls can be very supportive of each other. Plus, reading the bathroom walls is a great way to waste time on days that you feel like being a rebel by taking a little longer to go to class, which only happens like once a year, right?

Already on a few occasions this year many of the women’s restrooms were surprised by many bright and positive post it notes on the bathroom mirrors. Whoever takes the time to write and display ecstatic quotes deserves a thank you because somedays a girl just needs to be reminded that she is unique.

The graffiti may not be the schools priority, but keeping the bathrooms cleaned and walls erased is for safety reasons. And even though the apparent graffiti goal is to be as harmless as possible, the California Education Code for Student Discipline: Education code, section 48900 states that a student may be suspended or expelled by causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property. So I don’t in anyway encourage anyone to damage the restrooms, yet I still love the idea that the girls bathroom graffiti is positive.

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