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Poly Nation Makes Transportation Presentations

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Poly Nation Makes Transportation Presentations


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On January 11, a group of PacRim sophomores were given the opportunity to give a presentation to the board members, including CEO Kenneth McDonald, at Long Beach Transit (LBT). According to LBT, students are not “utilizing enough transportation in the city.”

To provide more perspective, the students were divided into small groups and assigned to a specific target area. According to Melannie Rodriguez, the groups “surveyed over 500 kids and basically found what the students didn’t like.”

The marketing presentation ideas ranged from creating an app that would provide accurate schedule updates, to partnering with brands like Supreme for sponsorship, to distributing cards with electronic chips.

For Korey Loueng, the Supreme proposal was his favorite because of its current popularity and it is something “people would like.” There also appears to be a reputation stigma surrounding bus transportation. Often times, buses are littered with trash and most seats are stained.

According to Angelica Murillo, providing “more comfortable seats” may invite students to frequent bus transportation.

And in this day and age where students cannot live without their phones, Serena Ier stated that “putting wifi on the buses” may reel in the high school demographic that LBT is looking for.

The experience allowed the students to gain insight on the importance of what they learn in PacRim; Kevyn Reyes liked the challenge of applying his marketing knowledge to a  “real world problem” that may be valuable in the future. Jahmal Bell, Mercie Vivao, Jocelyn Yanez, Sodavid Nit, Kaiya Phillips, Jaileen Williams, Anahi Nunez, and Vincent Thornton were also participants in the bus changes presentation.

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