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What in the World?!?

‘What in the World?!?’ is Poly’s very own, biweekly world news column.


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Friday, January 26

In Syria, President Ergdon said he would expand Anti-Kurdish operations.

Saturday, January 27

The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls out the Polish Death Camp Law, which states that anyone who declares that Poland is be responsible for the Polish Death camps would be punished.

Sunday, January 28

In Yemen 80 people were wounded and 10 killed when government troops fought with Yemeni separatists.

Monday, January 29

Romania’s first woman Prime Minister was sworn in.

Tuesday, January 30

Raila Odinga was sworn in as the “people’s president” in Kenya.

Wednesday, January 31

African leaders almost call for President Trump to apologize for his vulgar remarks about Africa.

Thursday, February 1

The oldest son of Fidel Castro commits suicide at age 68.

Friday, February 2

The government of Burma denies that there were mass graves in a village located in the Rakhine state.

Saturday, February 3

The leader of Poland’s ruling party says that the Polish president should approve the controversial Holocaust bill.

Sunday, February 4

Iran sentences a man to six years in prison for allegedly selling nuclear informations to both the United States and an unknown European country.

Monday, February 5

A U.S. conservationist, Esmond Bradley Martin, was found dead in Nairobi.

Tuesday February 6

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan, killing 2 and injuring more than 200.

*Information for this segment was compiled from the World Digest section of the Washington Post*

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