Possibility of Care Center Closing


Is it true that the C.A.R.E Center closing, as people have been saying? Could the one safe place for some people on campus really be going away? Well the rumors are somewhat true. Sadly, as far as it is currently known the C.A.R.E Center will be closed for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

On January 30, Poly’s School Site Council, which makes recommendations to the LBUSD School Board, held a meeting in which they talked about various topics. One topic being providing money to staff the C.A.R.E Center. School site council and the school board unanimously voted to not fund the C.A.R.E. Center next school year, in part by voting to fund other positions.

At the February 27 School Site Council meeting about 30 students and a few teachers showed up to make statements in support of the C.A.R.E. Center. When asked about what the school could possibly do to provide funding for the C.A.R.E Center, junior Brandon Corza stated, “There should be a lot more active fundraising.” Clubs and sports can do fundraising and something as important as the C.A.R.E Center should be able to do some fundraising to help keep money flowing so it will not be at risk of closing.

Michael Gray, C.A.R.E Center counselor, mentioned that people have been getting together to help raise money for the C.A.R.E Center. Students, parents, and even community members are coming together to help raise money. The downside of fundraising is that it would require producing a large amount of money every year.

During the wellness week a fair was held in which some booths even had petitions students could sign. The petitions were for the C.A.R.E Center, mentioning that it is an important place on campus that students need and it should not close.

History teacher Michael Tinsley discussed the importance of the program:  “If the C.A.R.E Center closed, our problems will be bigger. We would have an uptick in absences, potentially more students failing, social and emotional problems among students, and potentially something dangerous to staff and students.”