Alaa Shub and Doc’Kale Bowman


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Just this year Poly has acquired two new college and career advisors, Alaa Shub and Doc’Kale Bowman. Both advisors are of the age of twenty-two and both attended California State University, Long Beach. Each advisor attended the prestigious college for four years studying Human Development. Despite the facts, this job is the first time both advisors have ever seen each other!

Ms. Bowman held a teen conference called, “You’re worth it,” for girls from the ages eleven to eighteen. This conference was to give self-esteem and self-respect to the individuals.

Ms. Shubb on the other hand, is a first generation college graduate. The advisors can help with college related necessities like college applications, scholarships, loans,  job offers and internships when needed. Stop by room 801 near the attendance office to meet our new College Career Center advisors!

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