Why Should Job Companies Hire Teens?


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Teenagers are needing jobs, but there is controversy about allowing student teens to get hired. The problem is, the working force isn’t as friendly as we think. In reality business and companies want profit,which means they don’t want to spend money on an extra paycheck. Teens are willing to multitask and practice there time management, but the truth comes down to corruption. This corruption has been seen throughout big companies like Nike and Zaful. These companies  don’t want to pay people to do harsh work, so they use workers from other countries who would gladly work for small amounts of pay (or a forced, P.S slavery still exists). Thus, no job opportunities for teens. But then again, some people might think: Why do teens need jobs? They already have school and parents, so why? Well, in some cases (seniors especially) cannot afford things such as; senior activities, school spirit-wear, supplies, etc. Some may even help hold a household together, but since companies choose to be corrupt and sometimes prejudice against student teens, life is more difficult than it should be.

Another aspect to this problem is the recession of 2008. There are many jobs that were once offered to teenagers, but now they are primarily open for adults over the age of 21. Jobs such as, kitchen staff, team members, cashiers, retail assistants, and sales associates are now given to adults because they need the money to support their families and themselves. It is almost, always heartbreaking to know that companies use these tactics when selecting job careers, but it’s the reality of it. People are struggling. Teens are struggling.  Now we need to understand and anticipate how things are going to work out for the future. Maybe jobs can be offered on high school sites or maybe companies could stop being so cruel and actually invest into the society rather than lay people off and neglect the constant need for job opportunities. We want the best for the lives of the future and give jobs to the youth and benefit lives as well as creates new paths for individuals. Money is not more important than the happiness of others and it does not grant people the world, but it does give responsibility, success, and learning skills for the future. That is why teens need jobs.

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