Poly’s First Ever Homecoming Dance


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Poly’s first Homecoming, themed “18k” was held in the big gym on October 6th, 2018. The schools decision to make a homecoming was prompted by activities director Vincent Puth and Senior Senate, to raise money for the rest of the years activities. The dance was held on a Saturday after the homecoming game against Compton.

“I was super excited for this years Homecoming dance, Poly has never had one before so it feels great to be a senior and to experience this for the first time. The theme was also super cute!” said PACE senior Sandra Berenice Rosas about the dance.

“I’m happy that Poly finally had a Homecoming dance! I always wondered why we didn’t have one but I’m thrilled to go with my boyfriend. I had fun picking out my dress and getting ready with my friends,” said CIC senior Gladys Salamon Mora.

“About time! Homecoming was like a breath of fresh air to Poly. It’s exciting to have something new brought to campus. I’ve been to all the dances at Poly and I was super ecstatic to learn that Homecoming was coming to Poly, and it just seems right since all other high schools have one,” said MEDS senior Ashley Salgado.

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