C.A.R.E Center Cares


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If you or anyone you know need somewhere or someone to talk to, come see the C.A.R.E Center! The C.A.R.E Center is open to everyone and anybody who needs it, you’ll find it located in Rm 205 and available from as early as 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, nutrition, lunch and sometimes even open during 7th and 8th period. What exactly would be a reason to visit the C.A.R.E Center? Well, in just about any kind of situation. Whether you have some troubles as a Student-Athlete, have personal concerns, family related problems, academics, help with improving relationships in school/home, depression, or dealing with any kind of abuse. Don’t be afraid to reach out, they’re here to help. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with emotions or need someone to talk to about anything troubling you, you can visit the C.A.R.E Center. When in class let a teacher know you’d like to go to the C.A.R.E Center, and not because you want to get out of class, but because you actually really need the help.

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