Winning Streak Continues


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Friday September, 28th was Poly’s football away game against Cabrillo. The game was held at Cabrillo. The score was 48-0, and yet another winning streak against Cabrillo.

Timothy Gomez said that the game was good but could have overall been better, “I think the team could have done better.” said Gomez “The team worked really well together, though I still think that we need to work on some things.”

Already within the first quarter at about 7:23 pm a pass was made resulting in our first touchdown of the game. The second touchdown was also a pass made into the goal, and by the end of the first quarter our score was 20-0. Starting off in the second quarter at around 7:52 pm yet another passing, resulting in a touchdown. A rushing touchdown was made at about 8:01 pm, and by the end of the second quarter the score was 41-0.

As the game came onto it’s halftime show Guadalupe Bonilla from Colorguard said as they performed “It was okay,” and especially fun “when the Cabrillo marching unit/drill team” also did their performance. Bonilla stated that they “started talking to each other” and even took a photo together.

Returning back into the zone and the third quarter of the game it was intense but yet no one from either team seemed to make any advances. In the final quarter the last touchdown of the game was made at approximately 9:01 pm and the game ending with the score of 48-0. In previous games, such as our Millikan game we won 46-15 and in Wilson 42-6. So far in the season it seems Poly’s football team has been racking up wins and will continue to do so, if they keep playing as good as they have so far or even better.

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