Poly’s DJ’s Are Not the Life of the Party


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Have you ever asked for a song at a Poly dance just to only not have it played? If you answered yes, then you aren’t the only one. Why don’t we get acknowledged or have a song played at our school dances, of our choice? I get it if the song you suggested was inappropriate but most suggestions aren’t. Half of the time the song we wanted just wasn’t added to their approved playlist. Knowingly, sometimes, us students start jumping to conclusions and blame it on the DJ. Honestly, the reality is that most of the students who have attended any of Poly’s dances can clearly agree that the DJs suck.

   Now, I usually don’t have a problem with the music that is played at dances because it’s decent, but what ticks me off is when My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys is played 5 times or when your favorite verse of Drunk In Love by Beyonce doesn’t get played because they put some another song (usually a whole other genre) that kills your whole vibes. Isn’t this relatable even if you switched in some other songs than the ones I put?

  I also understand and respect the school policy, but I know too well that the school rules don’t tell a DJ to play 40 songs over and over. Also, who makes the approved playlist? Where’s Playboi Carti, Chano, Bruno Mars (new and old), Ed Sheeran, Kehlani, basically the music of today. I get it, you gotta throw it back and play the backyard boogie old school remixes but that’s not all we’re looking forward to. And what didn’t make sense was when we had a Throwback themed party and the DJ was playing Bruno Mars’ new album and suggested other songs that just recently came out…..PLEASE GO WITH THE THEME OF THE PARTY OR YOU CAN GLADLY QUIT YOUR JOB. Like tear your own contract because you blew it.

    The DJ of the party literally determines whether it’s fun or not. The decoration, sorry ASB, we know you work hard to set up and make things pretty, but even if it’s a picture scene, the whole party is trash if the DJ can’t mix or go the whole night without replaying a song a thousand times. The DJ skips over songs that the crowd clearly enjoys and even playing the wrong genre at the wrong time. In my opinion the man who was the DJ at the Poly Kickback/Coachella did a fantastic job. Bring. Him. Back. Please. Students have been saying the music selection should be more groovy and uplifting rather than laid back and depressing. Sorry, no one wants to listen to Alone Again by Train or Fake Plastic Trees by Radio or anything that makes us sad. “We tryna twerk!” said some of the seniors. I agree! Let’s get lit and turn up while we still can.

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