I.D Disaster


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We finally got our ID’s and they’re horrible. Everyone is complaining about how orange they look, how the quality of the picture is terrible, and how the layout is horrendous, which it is. I literally look like an orange in my picture. Honestly, who chose the photographers this year? Besides the quality of the picture the whole ID is messed up.

Under gender, some people have their academy, also missing unscheduled periods, and mismatched ID’s. My friend’s ID had all her information but it wasn’t her picture, it was another girl! On the back, some people have the “2018-2019 Bell Schedule” which you might think they’re lucky but they are not because it is not even the schedule we follow. I’m pretty sure everyone has their unscheduled periods wrong or missing. Mine doesn’t even have them written, my other friends do, but they’re the wrong periods.

This ID issue isn’t just about students complaining about the design and quality, we all need to show our ID at the gate when we enter. Since some people are still waiting for the ID printer, students still don’t have theirs making complications upon entering the school. If you come in through the side gate and you don’t have your ID, the staff member checking for them will most likely send you to enter through Jackrabbit Lane to get a temporary one, even though the people from the activities office said to tell them about the ID issue. That’s honestly a waste of time because if you live closer to the side gate then what’s the point in going all the way around!? The schedule or the temporary ID’s the freshmen got should be allowed to be used while the actual fixed ID’s are given out. Overall, these ID’s are a mess and super chaotic, hopefully it’s more organized next time!

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