Lights Out


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The night before Halloween, the wind screeched with lashes and the whips of air were strong enough to move rocks. It was the middle of the night in a town named Billsberry, Kansas. A fresh new crop of yellow corn had sprouted up from the ground in significantly straight rows, but so did an evil spirit that haunted the townspeople every 53 years, the night before Halloween.

The spirit wore a torn blue tuxedo and squeaky old black Italian leather dress shoes whose steps left a trail of blood stains. The spirit fed on the souls of the happy, with a wild yell right before feasting on its prey, but this night the spirit saw no one in sight, so he searched and searched scouring the town until he found his first meal.

Little did he know, the townspeople were sheltered inside the sewers in a chamber made by the mayor. There was only one single exit sealed by an indestructible titanium metal door, or so they thought. As the spirit searched, he heard noises coming from the sewer stream, so he crept down and slithered towards the sound.

His blood shot eyes never blinked and pulsed with a thirst of blood. He licked his dry lips with his long sinister tongue and crept closer and closer to the sound that echoed in the sewer.  Meanwhile the townspeople kept as quiet as possible, praying to survive the night. Suddenly, a baby exploded in tears, whaling and shouting.

Outside, the spirit stopped, turned his head in a slow gleaming way and smirked with satisfaction. Then he flew towards the sound, he then found the titanium door that read “The Townspeople of Billsberry’s Hideout.” He transformed into a young, attractive lady and screamed for her life. “Help me, please someone help me! I’m a traveler and the spirit is after me. Help!”

The mayor quickly tried to open the door but a bystander said, “Don’t you dare open that goddamn door. You don’t even know that woman. Why should we risk our lives to let her in?” He was right, but the mayor refused to listen and tried unlatching the seal, but failed.

The bystander began to snicker and laugh uncontrollably. Everyone’s eyes started to glare at him. He cleared his throat and stood still; everyone still watching in confusion.

His eyes start to bleed and the woman outside, now in the deep,, aggressive voice said, “Let. Me. In. You’ll regret it.”

The bystander instantly fell to the floor and the lights in the room cut off. The townspeople start screaming in fear. After three seconds, no noise was heard except the sound of steps stepping. The room was splattered with red blood once the lights turned on again. The man with a wild smirk and a blue tuxedo in a hushed voice said, “Lights out.”

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