New Lock Blocks on Classroom Doors


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There was a new lock switch system called Lock Block installed into the Poly high school classroom doors, after a suspect went onto campus armed a few weeks ago, leaving students and teachers in classrooms on campus lockdown. The Lock Block is a stopper device that allows you to keep the door locked but ajar during the school day. Students are able to easily enter or exit the classroom without disturbing others. During an emergency, the door can be closed by simply moving the stopper and allowing the door latch to engage. The Lock Block also allows teachers to have the door locked but open with the lock block when they go do other things.

This new Lock Block system can help the school be safer during emergencies like lockdowns, and it will also help with other things like coming into the classroom without the teacher or student having to get up and open the door causing disturbance. Different teachers had their own views on this new Lock Block system.

Poly Pace Coordinator Samantha Lawrence liked the Lock Block. She said this about the Lock Block, “ It’s good because kids can come in while its locked, Also if there is a emergency such as a lockdown we can lock the door from the inside.” Counselor Samantha Lawrence liked the Lock Block and thinks that it’s a good investment for the school and that it will help us in emergencies.

Poly Geometry teacher Mr. Ly said some things about the Lock Block and does not like the new Lock Block system, stating, “I think it’s stupid, worthless, and a waste of our money.”

Others felt that the addition was a good idea. Teacher Janice Valentine, takes comfort in the new system. “I think it is awesome, I can go grab some coffee downstairs without me getting locked out but still have my door locked and open with the Lock Block. It prevents us to go outside of the room and lock or unlock the door,” she said.

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