Senior Captain Christian Corrales


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Senior and JV captain Christian Corrales has spent his life playing all kinds of sports before finally settling on Water Polo, “I wanted to try something new. My freshman year I was in wrestling.”

Every sport and activity Corrales played, has helped him grow as a person in many different ways. “Water polo has really helped me socialize more with people, manage my time better, and challenge myself.”

One big Challenge he has had to face this year was becoming JV captain, and although he has no intentions of playing after high school, Corrales encourages any underclassmen to at least give the sport a try. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly: “Water polo is a hard sport and there will be many challenges, but as long as you work hard and never quit, you’ll get through it.”

Although Water Polo is a big part of Corrales’ life, it isn’t the only thing he enjoys. “I’m an outdoor person, so I like biking, hiking, and pretty much just going outside and hangout with friends.”

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