Senior Tajahnai Clemons


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Tajahnai Clemons, a senior at Poly, says that at her first initial thought was to join the golf team to avoid taking PE, but after playing for a while she found herself enjoying the sport. Clemons’ season ended in mid-October and she said, “Compared to last year, I’ve improved a lot. But I feel like I could have done a lot better if I practiced more and stayed with my personal coach.”

Clemons came to love golf so much that she is even thinnking about pursuing it in college.

Clemons says that her dream is to go to college and major in business.

Clemens major support system is her family. They are supportive of her choice to join golf and they all go to her games to cheer her on.  She said they help her with a lot of things, from practicing her swings to helping her with her studies.

Even though she’s busy being a student athlete, she still has time to do all the things that she enjoys such as reading, singing and watching movies on Netflix.

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