Senior Katherine Grubbs


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Katherine Grubbs is on the Girls Varsity Golf team. Grubbs joined the golf team in her freshman year because she played golf with her dad as a little girl.

Grubbs quit volleyball and joined golf. She struggled in her junior year, and had to relearn how to swing due to the fact she did not play league for two years.

But last season was her  most successful season. Grubbs qualified for Moore League finals and made 8th place.

Grubbs is extremely proud of her teammate, senior Azraa Adamjee. Grubbs said that Adamjee was courageous becase she “did awesome because she had an injury, but still helped out the team and coached the new freshmen on the sidelines of their games.”

Grubbs said that her dad  was supportive of her quitting volleyball to join golf and has been to every single one of her matches.

Grubbs  practices  five days a week, but  she still maintains a healthy relationship with her friends. Grubbs said she also  does  babysitting, she does a lot of traveling and she works in the Care  Center during 4th period.

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