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Poly is known for being diverse and making friends is an easy task, with the majority of students being very warm and welcoming towards each other. However, only a certain percentage of those students spread that kindness onto their teachers.

For the most part students usually interact with teachers when it regards classwork and homework, then each new school year upgrading to a new group of adults who also assign similar classwork and homework.

For most years it’s the same story, cycling through a batch of students each fall.  Most students don’t usually take the time or interest to form bonds with the adults on campus, while very few others do. We went ahead and interviewed a few students and asked if they had an adult they trusted and why, or why not?

Senior Guadalupe Bonilla said that she did have a teacher she could trust and confide in, 11th grade English teacher and softball coach Elizabeth Sanches. Bonilla said, “She cares about what’s going on in a student’s life.” Although Bonilla may not visit her as often, she considers Mrs. Sanches to be someone she can count on and talk to.

Senior Destiny Oropeza has multiple teachers she considers trustworthy, specifically Danielle Sawyer and Daryl Holmlund. Oropeza stated that she can “talk about anything” with them at any given moment.

Senior Elizabeth Velazquez-Rodriguez’s teacher that she trusts is English teacher Stephany Garcia. Velazquez often visits Garcia, and is a “teacher’s aid for her” currently and has known her throughout her high school experience, since her freshman year. Velazquez has grown to be comfortable around her and often visits Garcia’s class.

Cristina Clemons’ go-to teacher would be Javier Llamas as she can “talk to him about any problems.”

It seems most students have a teacher they can talk to easily and carry a conversation with them about almost anything. But there are still some students who feel differently towards teachers.

Nancy Melena said she does not have an adult she can trust as she “[does not] interact with teachers”.

Nariah McClair does not have an adult she can go to either, saying, “I don’t trust them.”

For some students, teachers are people you can rely on, and for others, they are only the people who grade your tests.

Some students have adults they can communicate with or hang in their classes, and hold those relationships close, while others see only other students as proper companions and only view their teachers as just that and nothing else.

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