Halloween Returns


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Halloween is a slasher horror movie that came out October 19, directed and written by David Gordon Green. It stars Nick Castle, reprising his role as the silent, ruthless killer Michael Myers, and Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as survivor Laurie Strode, who suffers from PTSD as a result of the Halloween killings that took place in the original 1978 film of the same name.

Going into this new movie, I was not expecting much. I thought, “This Michael Myers, he is just a normal dude, right? Can’t be that scary, right?” I was wrong. The killer’s humanity really adds to the horror, knowing that the person behind all the evil, gruesome killings is a human being. It grounds the horror and makes it feel real, like this is something that could happen. The deep dark evil desires that lie within certain individuals: that is real horror.

Michael Myers’ stalking of his victims throughout the movie builds a constant tense, uneasy feeling. The audience almost always feels uncomfortable, like they have got this feeling in their gut that is telling them something is not right. Almost everyone has felt that way that way at some point in their normal lives, like when they are taking the trash out at night or walking home alone. You get that irrational, paranoid fear that something or someone is lurking in the shadows, watching you. The movie preys on this fear that most of us have, and that is pretty neat.

The movie has a strong female protagonist (representation is always nice) while avoiding turning her into a cliched invincible, battled-hardened veteran. She is relatable. She shows vulnerability and fear. But she chooses to confront and fight the killer anyways, and that is what real courage is: being intimidated by some challenge but choosing to confront it anyways. So that was nice.

The ending of the movie is pretty cliche and almost eye-rolling-ly predictable, the kind that makes you go, “Alright, c’mon. Really?” That left a sour taste in my mouth going out of the theater, but overall, while this movie isn’t exactly high art, I had a fun, frightening time. I’d recommend to anyone just looking for a fun scary movie to watch.

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