Poly North: From a Counselors Perspective


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Poly North is an opportunity for sophomores to gain experience in the woods that will dramatically change their lives forever.

The origin of Poly North started 4 decades ago. It is focused on supporting the students on a more personal level. Anyone can say that the activities, for instance, the mountain hikes and seminars that are introduced to the students, impact everyone including the staff, senior counselors, and students.

At Poly North, students interact with each other through seminars about topics or problems that Poly or society has and focuses in on solutions that could benefits students on a personal level.

For instance, Vincent. Puth (Activities Director/Mentor/Poly Alumni/etc) shared his story of the time he went to Poly North and how he went from wanting to do bad things to being Student Body President. His story contributes to the meaning behind Poly North. This opportunity is a life changing experience that Poly believes every sophomore should endure.

The first camp took place on October 26-28. Once the bus landed at approximately 3:00 pm, the sophomores eagerly waited to be grouped into their seminar groups. Once the seminar meeting ended, both senior counselors and staff members handed out meal cards for the hungry campers.

In the dining hall, group activities called Warm Fuzzies took place. The game was to pass a softball from one person without using hands. The purpose of Warm Fuzzies was for the sophomores to get close and comfortable with close interactions. Staff members then performed skits in front of the sophomores.

The last activity on the first day, was the night hike. Temperatures at lowest reached 38 degrees whilst on the night hike, as the hikers looked upon the starry night. Finally, the campers participated in their own cabin talks.

On Saturday, the second day, campers rose bright and early at 7:30 to breakfast. After eating, seminar groups met up again for a seminar talk and to participate in several outdoor activities. Some activities included rock climbing, hiking, low ropes, and co-op games working their seminar groups.

The sophomores then headed back to the dining hall for another round of Warm Fuzzies, this time passing a lifesaver between toothpicks held in the mouth.

After all activities and seminar talks, the sophomores and seniors were then ready to perform their own skits for the staff and everyone else.

After all the skits were performed by each seminar group and senior counselors, the usual night hike took place and short dance happened.

On the final day, the seminar groups met up one last time as everyone said their goodbyes. Free time was then administer as the sophomores chose what they wanted to do, such as archery, volleyball, or just hanging out. Senior counselor took the traditional route and all jumped into the freezing lake together.

After lunch, were the goodbyes. With the cabins all packed up, everyone who attended camp said their final goodbyes and bittersweet farewells.

The committee for Poly North can  aided with donations – which can be accessed on Long Beach Poly’s school website.