Do I Miss The Old Kanye?


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Kanye West is known for his inspirational music and his influential style that the masses appear to follow. He has recently met with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Kanye is one of the more popular Trump supporters, and people do not support him because of his unpopular beliefs that go against mainstream ideals. He visited Trump last Thursday to talk about revisions, improvement, and developments in Chicago. It circulated loads of publicity on social media surrounding Kanye. Speculators believe Kanye is pulling a publicity stunt for his new shoe drop and Yeezy Season clothes as well as his new album, YANDI. Memes have been made about him unlocking his phone with the password of “0000” all over Instagram and other social media platforms. This isn’t the only time Kanye West has stirred up controversy on social media. There are countless amounts of tweets with him sharing an opinion that proved unpopular. For an example Kanye had said, “slavery was a choice” and that caused severe negative backlash from many. People began to stop supporting Kanye after he said that statement. However,  some people began to support the artist for individuality and speaking his mind. Personally, I think Kanye shows differentiation and creativity among the basic ideals people choose to follow. His opinions show that not everyone has to follow the beliefs of mass media, but that people have to power to formulate their own opinions.

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