National Merit Finalists

The National Merit scholarship program provides opportunities for students to be recognized for their phenomenal academic achievements. Students with PSAT scores at the top one percent of scores in the state, with the addition of reflecting transcript records of their score, qualifies them to be semifinalist. There are currently three semifinalist at our school that will compete against students from other states for a $2,000 scholarship.

Many Ivy league colleges and corporations sponsor these scholarships, potentially giving semifinalist additional scholarships to almost any school they apply to. Pace Counselor Connie Loggins strongly believes the Poly students will “have no problem entering the final round” because of their strong commitment to academics and extracurricular activities.

Erin Shin, a PACE senior, is one of the semifinalist, and she dreams of going to Stanford or Yale. She hopes to major in neuroscience and one day become a physician. Through her experiences thus far, she believes it is important to be a leader by taking the initiative to help others.

Shin is persistent in her school work, but makes sure to make time for outside activities. She belongs to a youth orchestra and piano quartet at Colburn School of Music in Downtown LA; works at Kumon and the school cafeteria; and recently began tutoring in the AP Resource Room.

Despite her full schedule, Erin is persistent in managing her time “by trying to stay off social media” though she admits that “doesn’t really work these days”.