The AP Room is Now Open


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This year Jason West, the new AP Coordinator for Poly High School has turned Room 132 into a study lounge for any student who is currently enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement class.

This lounge was inspired by a coffee shop as a place where AP student can receive tutoring, study in group, and access a wide variety of resources as well as other non-traditional materials, including a welcoming cup of tea if you bring your own mug. The room offers a warm, relaxing, and welcoming vibe. This will allow students to remain comfortable and focused.  Much like most college campus’, who offer a study room, students must be signed in upon arrival.

Poly’s AP room is a learning atmosphere where students can join a study group and succeed in their classes, it symbolizes as a badge of honor for all the hard works students have put into their classes. Teachers are always welcomed to visit West for support, resources, materials, and for addressing students needs.

If students are even in need of supplies, textbooks, study materials, or a spot to study, they are more than welcomed to stop by in room 132 for freebies that West has collected over the 12 years as a teacher.

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