AHS: Apocalypse


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Everyone knows that season one, Murder House, was by far the best season of American Horror Story. Some may argue that season three, Coven, may even be the best. Imagine a season that combines both of Murder House and Coven. Crazy, right? Well, it can’t be too crazy because that season definitely exists and it is the current season of AHS called Apocalypse.

AHS: Apocalypse begins with the end of the of the world caused by World War Three. Missiles and bombs are obliterating the world as families face the fact that the world as they know it, is finally coming to an end. However, some people, with “special genes” have been picked apart from the rest to survive the end of the world. Michael Langdon is all grown up this season and he presumes his role as the Antichrist. The Witches from season three return to stop him, once and for all.

The season goes back and forth through the past, showing how Michael Langdon earned his superiority to the present, where the world is ending.

In my opinion, this season is very, very intriguing. Due to my love for Murder House, I would say that this season is definitely developing nicely. Each episode leaves me eager to watch the next. I definitely do recommend this season for those who loved the Murder House and the Coven season. There will be some surprising and fulfilling appearances this season and answers to questions you’ve had since season one. It’s definitely a must-see.

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