YouTube War


Felix Kjellberg, rather known online as YouTube sensation Pewdiepie, created his YouTube channel in 2010. As of now, he has over 67 million subscribers and has been the top subscribed channel on YouTube since 2013. However that is about to change as the YouTube channel T Series, is slowly catching up to him with a subscriber count of over 66 million.

Now everyone is wondering who will be the next “King of YouTube”.

Personally, I have been watching Pewdiepie’s channel since late 2013. During that time, he and a couple other YouTubers were great distractions from whatever troubles I was going through at that time. His videos would always make me laugh no matter what type of mood I was in. In other words, he had a huge impact on my life.

With T Series around, this brings up a lot of questions, concerns, and thoughts. After all, the difference between T Series and Pewdiepie is what their channels are based off of. For starters, T Series is an Indian music record label

and film production company owned by Bhushan Kumar and Kishan Kumar that owns other channels under the same name. Pewdiepie on the other hand, is a single person channel with no other companies based off it. Just like Matthew Patrick (The Game Theorists) had said, “Since their MCN (multi- channel network) contains a whole bunch of huge channels, not just one, all those channels can be used to promote each other.”

I find it unfair for T Series to be receiving subscribers from their other owned channels, meanwhile Felix has worked really hard to earn his. From what I see, T Series is only receiving more subscribers just because they don’t want to see Pewdiepie stay on top. If T Series ever does come to exceed Felix, will things be any different? Are they getting the same love and support any other regular YouTuber receives? Is there anyone who will really be affected by this?

It’s not hate I feel towards the competition, but I can assure that it is not love either. In the end, whether Pewdiepie stays number one or not, he will always have my full love and support.