Spirit Spendings


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Holidays are meant to be spent with family and loved ones, but in reality, there is actually more spending on family rather than with family. From November to December, there’s an average of more than one thousand dollars spent on gifts.

During November from Thanksgiving dinner, to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, over $900 alone are spent. Moving onto December, there is both Christmas and New Years. The spendings here are also sky high, with buying Christmas and New Years decorations and meals, and holiday gifts.

The real question is: Is spending all of this money for these holidays really worth it?

I would say it is. In the end, you spend time with family, sharing new memories, laughing and growing a stronger bond with one another.

As for gifts, it’s always nice to see a smile on someone’s face. It’s even nicer when you’re the reason for it. It doesn’t even have to be family. Seeing your friends happy for receiving something they like is also a good feeling when you’re the one who gave it to them. Teachers too, can leave a wonderful feeling when they give you a warm smile or a kind ‘thank you’ for a simple gift.

Christmas time is also known for charity and donations, it is one of the best ways anyone can spend their money. We’re lucky to still have generous people who love to give back.

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