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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Rated PG

A bored Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, stumbles across Christmastown. When coming into contact with such a merry environment, he gets the idea to spread Christmas joy everywhere, including Halloweentown. However, his attempts to spread the Christmas spirit puts Santa Claus’ life in jeopardy, inevitably creating the nightmare before Christmas.

Edward Scissorhands (1990) Rated PG-13

A saleswoman stops at a very creepy house and discovers a dead scientist’s human project, Edward Scissorhands. She takes him back to her home out of pity and he becomes very popular in the neighborhood for his many talents. However, after becoming involved with the wrong crowd, Edward Scissorhands becomes a target due to false accusations and miscommunications.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Rated PG

The Whos are enjoying wonderful feasts and celebrations during Christmas time but the Grinch is not impressed! The Grinch’s hatred for laughter, happiness, and the Christmas spirit causes him to come up with a plan that consists of sneaking into the homes of the Whos and stealing their gifts, joy, and Christmas Spirit.

Home Alone (1990) Rated PG-13

After having a temper tantrum a day before his family’s big Christmas trip, Kevin McCallister is forced to sleep upstairs in the attic. His anger caused by his family leads to him wishing that he had no family! The next day, Kevin wakes up to an empty house assuming that his wish came true, but in reality his family his parents forgot about him, Kevin enjoys his solitude in his home until burglars come to his home attempting to rob his home. Devoted to protect his home he sets up varios booby traps to catch these thieves.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009) Rated PG

London is preparing for the merry holiday season but Ebenezer Scrooge is lacking the Christmas spirit. On Christmas Eve, he is awakened by three spirits that show him how miserable he is and how he’s ruined his life being so miserable. The last ghost, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, reveals to Ebenezer Scrooge the future that awaits him if he continues to lead a miserable life! Scrooge is now faced with a decision: will he choose death or redemption?

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