Snow in Love


Snow in Love is a holiday themed collection of short young adult love stories, written by Melissa de la Cruz, Aimee Friedman, Kasie West, and Nic Stone.

The book was highly anticipated as all the authors are admired within the young adult genre. Released on October 30, it gained critical success, bringing people out of the spooky season and into the Christmas festivities.

There are four stories in total within the anthology. The first follows Amalie as she tries to hurry home with the help from a handsome face.

Another young girl, Kelsey, searches  for the perfect gift for her boyfriend.

In another story, two old friends reunite by chance during a holiday scavenger hunt.

The collection includes holiday diversity, with Aimee Friedman’s Hanukkah story about a young Jewish girl, working as a department store elf who surprisingly finds love.

These stories do the job, offering that warm familiar feeling similar to that of a cheesy hallmark film. Each of these stories can be deemed relatable and enjoyable.

Snow in Love is a recommended holiday gift for any love sick teen – or someone of any age can read this book with a nice warm cup of tea, under the blanket.